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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zombie Defense - Zombie Game APK


The Zombie are coming you are our last defense
Zombie Defence - Zombie Game
The Best Zombie Game is here
Play as Vinny the Viking and defend your Castle against hordes of attacking zombies! Enjoy shooting Zombies !
Fight alongside Vinny the Viking as he defends his castle against her.Grubber, the deranged zombie lord who is hellbent on stealing Vinny's hard-looted treasures.
Go berserk, crush, shoot and bomb your enemies until all have been driven before you and their blood has turned the sand red. In This ultimate Zombie Defender.
Use devastating mystical attacks, upgrade your weapons and fortify your castle while slaying legions of unholy 1940s zombies.
And if you feel that it's getting too much for you, call on the help of your Viking cousins and mow down the undead horde as only a Viking can.
Are you worthy of Valhalla? Download the ultimate castle defence game now and see how far you can go!!
OMG Zombies are attacking your castle, Stupid Zombies will Die, they are crushing Plants and trees to get to your castle these stupid zombies need to die. Are they coming from a zombie village, The walking Dead are coming to get you. We believe this is the BEST Zombie Game you could say its a bit of a Zombie Defender.
If you love shooting zombies, you will love this game its all about shooting zombies.

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