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Why and how root an android phone- 2Method

root adroid 

Credit goes to mobilecon

Advantages and Disadvantages Root an android

  1. Unrestricted access to the Android system
  2. Installing applications on the memory card and some applications need a root access.
  3. Un-install the default applications vendor
  4. Backup  + App System
  5. Installing a custom ROM
  6. Full Access Android system files
  7. Overclock processors improve performance overall (but it makes so much wasteful battery consumption)
  1. Warranty lost

Way of rooting for windows:

  1. Gio install drivers / software Kies
  2. the Microsoft. NET Framework V.2 not yet install, download here
  3. Download superoneclick here or here
  4. Set USB Android : Setting->Aplikasi->Development enable USB Debugging/Mendebug USB
  5. Plug the USB to PC and HP, wait until the driver installation is complete
  6. Extract Superoneclick and run as administrator (if Win7/Vista), then click the root … wait until the process is complete “root files have been installed”
  7. congratulation the rooting process is done… , don`t forget to restart before start to rooting
NB: The risk at your own


There`s a ranks of mobile phones users, there are two types of people, the first type of person who just make-technology from those mobile phone, enjoy the technology and features from mobile phone. While the second type, namely the type of person who wants to dig more deeply about the features and existing technology in mobile phone, so that the device can reach its maximum features, it must have been the advantages of Android.
If you type the first person who just wants to enjoy the technology, and you have an android phone, it’s means you waste android potential actually have facilities that are higher than just to play the game, tune to music, browsing, and watching movies.
To have full access to Android, takes root, similar to the Jailbreak on IOS, but Root has access to more than just change the theme and install pirated apps (NB: Applications beyond the market, aka pirated, can be installed without requiring you to root your mobile phone)
Root is a term, where Android users can have super user access to mobile phones Android. Android users have full access to mobile phone, feels like developer HP.
There is also a term sometimes locked and unlocked boot loader, the boot loader that if the unlock, it would be liberating User android in making modifications to his HP, so users can changes ROM at will, than if your phone is still locked the boot loader.

why Root Android:

  1. Performance Update
    some of the Android Developer, like SE, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and lain2, has a berbeda2 Rom on his HP, with Root access, so we can mengganti2 Rom from the android with the usual developers, such as Cyanogen, who often spend ROM update, such as for example on the HTC G1, HTC has not issued an official developer eclair update 2.1 for the HTC G1, but by using Cyanogen Mod Éclair 2.1 in G1, HTC G1 users notice an increase in HPnya Performance, which was using OS 1.6 donut
  2. Interaction Hardware / software
    Most OS comes with the HP Hardware android super-sophisticated, such as a 1GHz processor, advanced camera, a large ram. but the official ROM from major developers, like SE, Samsung, LG, and lain2 it tends to limit the potential of the hardware. with root, you can overclock your processor hp, easily use existing applications on the android. in addition, for example on the HTC Desire, you can use it as an LED flashlight, which is actually blocking your HTC to do it, by Root, you can bypass the block and get the maximum benefit.
  3. APP2SD
    move an application to the SD card, yes that is devoted to the Android OS 2.1 down, which not support App2SD.
  4. held a feature that does not exist.
    spica such as the samsung, samsung spica basically no support for Live wallpaper, but with the root, you can hold the feature.
  5. extra applications
    applications that require a full access in their use, such as drocap2 to do screen capture, drocap2 this requires root access so I can do a screen capture. Other applications such as SetCpu, this application is useful to overclock the CPU so that your phone is so much faster, it can also underclock the CPU so the battery to be more efficient, yes of course with a slower performance.
many more benefits for the root, it’s just that now there are features in Android OS 2.3 gingerbread already quite complete, such as WiFi tethering, multitouch, and others.

How do the root

focus on how to root gingerbread, Gingerbreak download the latest version, which is in post above, and then install the mobile phone, after the install, connect the mobile phone to computer with a USB debugging is active, and screen stay awake,

how, go to settings, applications, development, debugging and check the USB her stay awake.

Just Connected !{not mount SD card / (connect your phone)}
yes if already open gingerbread live in mobile phone, continue to select the root, and later HP will reboot itself, fitting the flame, the mobile you have in the root, congratulations, there will be a new application named “Super User” is pointless so you know, whether the application needs root, and you are given the freedom to allow or not the application.

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