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How to install game in Using APK and Data

To able install the game using apk and data, you can download the apk file first then download the data for the games you want.

For how to install apk file you can read in “How to install APK files
Step by step how to install the game using APK and data:
  1.  Download the game that you want to install. Install / run. Apk  after the download complete  select “DONE”.
  2. Move the game data to target folder location
  3. install/run the apk file of apps / games-a, after the progress is done select “open”.
  4. When it`s asking for Download data just leave it , you can simply press the “HOME”.
  5. run the “file explorer” and insert the data in the target folder.
  6. Install / run again the game-a apk.
  7. After it`s done select “open”, if it the choice for Download data appears  select “YES” (make sure you are connected WIFI), while the progress the download is running the range of 2-5%, cancel it. You only need the application make the target folder in your memory card.
  8. Move the data-a to target location
  9. Run applications.

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