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Monday, August 6, 2012

Puppy Run v1.1.1 APK FREE DOWNLOAD


Puppy to the Center of the Earth?
The ultimate maze puzzle and illustrated eBook!
Poor Pomo the Puppy is very sad. His master, Professor Lidenbrock, has gone on a scary journey to the center of the Earth...without his compass! Pomo must bring the compass to his master or risk losing him forever. Help Pomo descend down a series of uber-puzzling mazes full of mind-bending obstacles and puppy–eating monsters?
If you liked Where's My Water, Cut the Rope, Temple Run and other maze puzzle games, you will love Puppy Run! Perfect for kids aged 4 to 104, Puppy Run is based on the sci-fi classic "Journey to the Center of the Earth", by Jules Verne. Includes the complete illustrated eBook from the award winning Domino series by Oxford University Press from young readers. Fun and educational, this game and book two-pack will help kids fall in love with reading!!
- A highly addictive maze puzzle game based on the theme of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne
- Includes the award winning Domino series eBook of “Journey To the Center of the Earth” for Young readers by Oxford University Press
Comic book style companion eBook has easy to read text and fantastic artwork
- Gravity, geometry, maze puzzles, monster battles, high speed chases – who could ask for more?
- Stunning Visuals + Cute Puppy = Happy Player!
*****Rave reviews from mom’s and kids alike!*****
“Super fun and cute... the puppy is irresistible! Definitely two thumbs up.”
“For only 99 cents, you get hours of fun. It's amazing how many hours you can play this game, and you pay less than a dollar. It is really addicting. I started playing it earlier today and I have been playing nonstop the whole day. Also, along with the fun game, there is also a story line. You basically go to the center of the earth.”

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