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Sunday, July 1, 2012

iPhytter Android Edition v1.2.6 Free Apk Download

PHYTTER, the leading VoIP solution provider, has released the open-standard SIP client, “iPhytter Android Edition” for Android devices.

With iPhytter, you can cut down the calling expenses and improve the communication environment. Please try.
iPhytter is a simple, handy, and secured communication tool both for business and private. It boasts the higher security level comparing to the other VoIP product. Moreover, multiple calls can be established with single touch; you can swap between two active calls, merge, split and transfer calls.

*Standard Phone Features (snippet)

・Instant Messenger(IM)
・Background operation support
・Speakerphone, mute and hold
・Dial window and voicemail indication
・Outgoing call from Contact list of the device
・Call History—List of received, missed and dialed calls
・Multiple Calls: Swap between two active calls, Merge and Split calls (three-way conference supported)
・Call Transfer (Attended and Unattended, only among SIP clients)
・Audio Codecs (G.711a/u, G.722-WB, iLBC, GSM, SILK-WB, SILK-NB)
・Auto-select the best codec
・Dial plan (prefix) support

*Advanced Features (snippets)

・Network Traversal
・Application Managed, Server Managed, and User Specified
・Global IP
・Media Efficiency and Quality
・Noise Reduction
・Echo Cancellation
・ToS Marking
・Security and Encryption
Premium feature supports G729 codec.



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